Something for everyone: Meditation, Yoga Classes, Eco-Excursions, Cultural Activities, Spanish Classes, Community Volunteering... Do everything or do nothing at all.

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Yoga, Activities & Excursions

With a wide variety of offerings, at Mar de Jade there is something to suit everyone’s tastes; whether you are seeking to reconnect with yourself through yoga and meditation, become inspired by the natural surroundings or immerse yourself in Mexico’s vibrant culture. And for those that want to take a break from a busy life to just live at a slower pace, there’s always the ocean, warm sun, hammocks and a good book. Do everything… or nothing at all, it’s up to you.

Wellness Activities:
• Yoga Classes (November- April only)
• Morning Meditation (November- April only)
• Massages & Spa Treatments
• Temazcal Ceremony (Aztec Sweatlodge).

• Hiking
• Boating & fishing
• Horseback riding
• Surfing at "La Caleta" break
• Whale Watching (December- March)
• Boat tour through a mangrove full of exotic birds and wildlife
• Tour or volunteer at our Organic Farm.

Cultural Activities:
Altavista Excursion (Pre-Hispanic petroglyphs)
La Peñita (Traditional Mexican market)
• Nearby beach towns, each with its distinct flavor (Sayulita, San Pancho...)
• Private Spanish Classes (all levels)
• Volunteer at our Community Projects.